Emily North loves werid things. Some very damn weird things, actually. The weirder the better. Inspired by Lovecraft, King, Poe, Charles Stross, O. Henry, and Douglas Adams, she pretty much just woke up one day and decided the stories that went on in her head would be better off living someplace else. They fought briefly over the cat, but it’s been an amicable situation ever since. Everyone involved is much better off, particularly the neighbors.

Emily reserves the right to write anything that tickles her fancy, and that can sometimes just be total crap. She sincerely hopes that you’ll sift through the bad bits and find something that makes you smile, think, cry, scream, undulate, and hide under the covers, shivering in wanting for more.

Emily lives in Long Beach, California with her aforementioned cat and a roommate who is a devout grill enthusiast (she recommends this situation with all her heart, if you can arrange it, go for it). Emily loves to draw and design and sculpt weird things when she isn’t writing weird things down (like bio pages about herself.)






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